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Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Hygiene is the vital part of being healthy. A disciplined lifestyle always prefers the areas we are living and working, or the items which we are using is free from dirt, dust and pests. A proper housekeeping would not only keep the premises clean but it also showcase the sense of hygiene and respect for the tidiness. Prolonged usage of air-conditioning systems, floor carpets, water tanks, building exteriors and interiors demands a routine cleaning to extend their functional life. Post events or any construction works, Oil Industries, offices, hospitals, relocating the residence are the cases where the cleaning services are in much demand. Cleaning services can also be opted as a precautionary practice to safeguard the valuable items like decorative items, sign boards, lighting systems, mirror works, furniture, equipment or the building premises and religious places.

Facility management, Cleaning and maintenance contractors offer a range of cleaning related services in Qatar. These cleaning contractors are specialized in Spider Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning, Rope Access Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, IRATA, Marble & Tile Polishing, Automation, Pest Control, AC/Air Condition Maintenance, Hard surface cleaning, Tile grout cleaning, Marble & Granite Polishing, Signboard Cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, House and Office Cleaning Services, Weekly Monthly Cleaning Service, Regular Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, House Keeping, Deep Clean, Moving In Clean, Moving Out Clean, General Cleaning, Moving & Relocation Cleaning, Special Occasion Cleaning, etc.

All these services can be availed easily via the website as there are more than 100 Cleaning Contractors are listed in this website, who offer cleaning services in various fields with affordable price and high quality.

Find below the top 10 Cleaning Service Companies in Qatar.


Pest Control Services in Doha, Qatar -
Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Doha, Qatar

Pest control has become a necessary routine to maintain a healthy living environment. The bugs, rodents, and insects act as the carrier of viruses, bacteria and dangerous microbes infesting your work areas, living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms, resulting in deadly diseases or health disorders. Pest infested areas need to be professionally controlled and cleaned to protect the healthy environment. Some of the pests require a periodic treatment as they grow in numbers unknowingly or in a disguised manner. Microbes are so tiny that it is very difficult to follow its activities through naked eyes, however, the resulting contamination becomes a threat to our medical conditions. We cannot simply ignore the fact that unattended areas like garage or backyard act as the pest breeders and it is necessary to keep such areas clean and pest free.  list more than 20 Pest Control Services companies who offer pest controlling services at an affordable price with good quality and effective solutions.

In Qatar, there are Facility Management companies, Cleaning and maintenance Contractors offering pest control services to keep your living and work areas free from contaminations and pest free. Along with Pest Control Services, they also extend their services on Post Construction Cleaning, Hard surface cleaning, Tile grout cleaning, Marble & Granite Polishing, Signboard Cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Cleaning services, Facade Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Facilities Support Services, Kitchen Extraction Duct Cleaning & Degreasing, Swimming Pool Service, Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection, Window Cleaning, Air Conditioning Maintenance, Termite Control, etc. Most of the Pest Control Services also deal with the supply of Insecticides, Pest Control Equipment & Supplies, Exterminating & Pest Control Services, Cleaning Systems-Pressure Chemicals, etc. is a local search web portal designed, developed, maintained and marketed by Nuance Digital Qatar on behalf of Ooredoo.

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Furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Qatar -
Furniture manufacturers and suppliers

Furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Qatar

Furniture manufacturers and suppliers at Doha, Qatar offer a huge variety of furniture, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs for the customers. Furniture plays a big role in interior designing and it is also an integral part of the lifestyle as it offers you comfort, styling, and warmth. There are endless varieties of furniture as per your need to improve the visual of your commercial and residential premises.

Any house, office, apartment, school, university, library, is incomplete without a proper arrangement of furniture. One can choose the suitable furniture as per the interior design, a theme  and space management. The modern technology has helped a lot in improving human comfort. The furniture industry is also not an exception, customers have the comfort of choosing the furniture made out of Wood, Metal, Bamboo, Cane, Glass, Cement, Plastic, Canvas and the list goes on and on. The theme, colour, design, style, material and the size adds value to the perfect furniture set up.

Qatar Yellowpages Doha -

Qatar Yellowpages lists more than 100 Furniture Manufacturers and suppliers in Qatar who offer commercial and residential furniture at an affordable price without compromising on Quality and Service. Few of the top-rated Furniture manufacturers and suppliers at Doha, Qatar are:

Other Furniture category includes:
Office items of furniture include Executive and Modular Tables, Workstation, Reception Counters, Executive and Modular Chairs, Sofa Sets, Coffee Tables, Educational Furniture, Office Furnitures, Modular Furniture, Swatches and Laminates Office, Refurbishment Office Fit-Out, Project Conference Tables, Office Partitions Office and many more. Metal furniture includes Metal Staircases, Balustrades, Decorative Gates, Steel Doors, Mezzanines, Steel Fences, Steel Furniture, Cladding and Stainless Steel Kitchen
As furniture being your essential part of a regular lifestyle, it is very important to plan and choose the right set of furniture which matches your likings and luxury. A splendid establishment or a wonderful house with a classy set up of furniture always posses a positive warmth and feels welcoming. 
Interior Decorators and Designers in Doha Qatar - Qatar Yellow Pages lists more than 50 Interior Decorators and Designers
Interior Decorators and Designers in Doha Qatar

Interior Decorators and Designers in Qatar

Interior Decorators play an essential role in completing a structure with its interior design. Interior design is the art and science of planning and setting up the interior space of a building structure to enhance its appearance to make it more appealing. Interior Decoration or Design is a multifaceted activity which involves space inspection, theme selection, design planning, safety, and design functionalities. Interior Decoration demands innovation and in-depth research as the customers tend to opt for creative designs and uniqueness. No matter if it is a residential or a commercial building, Interior Decoration undoubtedly an integral part of the architecture.

Consulting the Interior Decorators or Designers is really beneficial for the customers, to plan their building interiors as the professional designers would assist them with a proper planning and design as per the customers’ requirements. It can be at the initial planning stage of construction or at the stage where the existing structure requires a remodeling. Interior Designers are the scientists behind the beautiful, fashionable, functional and safe designs. There are different areas where the Interior Designers need to concentrate on, namely, the theme, paints and colour combinations, the material types, Wall Designing with Wallpapers or Wallcoverings, Ceiling Designing, Window and Door decorations, Curtains, Partitions, Floorings, furniture placing, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, workstation designing, and the list goes on. lists more than 50 Interior Decorators and Designers who offer Interior Decoration and design at an affordable price with great Quality and Service. Some of the top-rated Interior Decorators and Designers at Doha, Qatar are:

Interior Decoration is indeed an integral part of beautiful and appealing constructions. A unique and innovative appearance of building interiors would certainly create a soothing environment and adds positive visuals around. Consulting the Interior Decorators in Qatar would definitely help in enhancing the beauty of the building interiors and also the design functionalities.

Construction equipment and machinery suppliers in Qatar -
Construction equipment and machinery suppliers

Construction Equipment & Machinery Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Construction equipment and machinery suppliers in Qatar supply a range of products to the construction companies in Qatar which helps at various stages of project development. Suppliers sell the equipment and machinery to the construction companies as well as give it on a rental basis as some of the equipment costs more and requires a huge investment.

Construction being the backbone of any real estate profession, it is very important to procure the highest quality construction materials and use world-class equipment and machinery to build the best architectural establishments or infrastructures. lists more than 30 Construction equipment and machinery suppliers in Qatar who offers quality products and services at affordable price. Some of the top-rated suppliers for Construction equipment and machinery in Qatar are:

Construction equipment and machinery include trucks, elevators, cement mixer, concrete mixer, cranes, Transport, Truck, Roller, Excavators, JCB, Forklift, Compressors, Generators, Wheel loader, Bulldozers, Scissor lift, Boom trucks, Dump trucks, Wheel loaders, Construction equipment, Material handling, Warehouse Equipment, Forklifts, Industrial parts supplies, Cleaning equipment, Cleaning Machine, Bed liners, Industrial Generators and  material transport vehicles

Related Categories:


Car parking shade suppliers in Qatar - Qatar Yellow Pages -
Car Park Shades

Car Park Shade Suppliers in Qatar

To protect vehicles from sun, rain and wind car park shades are used. Residential and Commercial buildings including shopping malls, office buildings, and public areas use parking shades to park vehicles. Car parking shade supplies see a huge demand for suppliers in Qatar with a lot of infrastructure development happening in the state of Qatar. listed more than 15 Car parking shade suppliers in Qatar. Some of the best-rated suppliers for car parking shades in Qatar are:

Car park shades in Qatar primarily made of canopy are equipped with an easy to release system for removing the canopy. Different types of parking shades are available in the market which includes Arch Cantilever Parking shades, Cone Type Cantilever Parking shades, Pyramid Cantilever Parking shades, Flat Sail Cantilever Parking shades, Simple Arch Cantilever Parking shades, Hanging Umbrella Parking shades and Umbrella Parking shades.

Welding equipment and supplies in Qatar -
Welding Equipment & Supplies

Welding equipment and supplies in Qatar

Welding equipment and supplies include all the equipment and consumables used for the purposes of welding. Construction is booming in Qatar and it is the fastest growing sector in Qatar with the government spending more on infrastructure. Welding equipment and supplies being part of the construction sector see a huge demand for suppliers in Doha Qatar. listed more than 15 companies involved in Welding equipment and supplies. Some of the top-rated suppliers in Qatar are:

Welding equipment and supplies includes Brazing Equipment, Soldering Equipment, Arc and Resistance Welding Equipment, Braze and Brazing Alloys, Brazing Equipment, Filler Alloys and Consumables, FSW Tools, Laser Cutting and Welding Machines, Laser Processing Equipment, Laser Optics, Welding Gun, Heads, and Beam Delivery Components, Oxy-fuel Cutting Equipments, Oxy-fuel Welding Equipment, Plasma Cutting Equipment, Plasma Welding Equipment, Plastic Welding and Assembly Equipment, Stud Welders, Solders, Ultrasonic Horns, Ultrasonic Boosters, Weld Monitors, Weld Controllers, Cutting Disc, Flux, Laser Level, Spirit Level, SS Fitting, Stainless Steel Pipe, Stud Welding, Welding Consumable, Welding Electrode, Pipe Rollers, Vessel Rotators, Turning Rolls, Manipulators, Sub Arc Column and Booms.

Beauty salons, spas and parlors in Qatar -
Beauty Salons, Spas, Parlours

Beauty salons, spas and parlours in Qatar

Find the best professional services in Qatar for skin care haircuts, hair care, body massage, nail art, nail care, waxing, facial treatments, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, manicures, pedicures, body wrap, dry body brushing & scalp massage, Spray tanning, makeup, Spa facial, Hot stone massage, aromatherapy, sauna etc.,

Some of the best beauty centres in Qatar are,

Find more on

Travel Agencies and Tourist Organizations in Qatar -
Travel Agents

Travel Agencies and Tourist Organizations in Qatar

Travel Agencies and Tourist Agents in Qatar engaged in travel related services such as activities in Qatar, airline ticketing, rent a car, Cruise Services, hotel reservations, travel insurance, Hajj & Umrah Services and tour packages.  There are many travel agencies in Qatar who provides services to the highest quality of service to travelers. listed more than 30 companies involved in travel and tour related services. Some of the best travel agencies and tourist organizations in Qatar are:

Qatar being a tourist attraction for travelers to the Middle East and home for expats of different nationalities has something for every traveler. There are different types of Travel agents and tourist organizations operate in Qatar

  • Online Travel Agents
  • Independent Travel Agents
  • Inbound Tour Operators
  • Hotel Concierges
  • Visitor Information Centers
Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers in Qatar
Fire Fighting Equipments | Supply | Service | Maintenance

Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers in Qatar

Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers in Qatar are engaged in Supply of technical equipment’s which are designed to protect people from fire and as well protect and rescue valuable goods from fire.  There are many firefighting equipment suppliers in Qatar who provides products and services to the highest level of service and quality of work. listed more than 20 companies involved in supply, service, and maintenance of firefighting equipment. Some of the leading Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers in Qatar are:

About Fire Fighting equipment’s:

Equipment’s used in Fire Fighting ranges from gears used by fire fighters to fire extinguishers to fitted systems installed in building to protect fire.

Fire Fighting Equipments and spare parts includes fire-extinguishers, commercial fire-alarm systems, industrial fire-alarm systems, Fire Safety System, Fire Blankets, and Fire Extinguishers, Flow Meters, Marine Safety, Marine Survival Equipment, Fire Detectors, Fire Analyzers, Gas Detectors, Valves, Pumps, Fire Protection equipment’s, Firefighting Equipments, Electric Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers, Electromechanical Equipment, Diesel Engine Repairs, Electric Motors Parts and Accessories, automatic distress signal unit, fire hoses, fire nozzles, Electrical Switchgear, fire hydrants, fire adapters, Discount Cards, Cable and Wire Manufacturers.

Fire Fighting Eqpt – Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Fire Fighting Equipment – Maintenance & Service

Construction companies in Qatar -

Construction Companies in Qatar

Powered by the government’s aggressive economic reform initiatives, coupled with other major policy decisions to boost the local economy, Qatar’s construction/real estate sector is poised to witness a robust growth until 2019. The report also noted that this growth is expected to continue in the construction market in Qatar at an annual rate that will reach a compound of up to 7 percent by 2019., reported

There are more than 300 construction companies in Qatar listed in who are involved in the field of construction. Local and Multinational Construction companies in Qatar involves in projects like residentials apartments, constructing offices, villas, commercial complexex, housing compuonds, shopping complexes, commercial complexex, auditoriums, stadiums, construction of bridges, pumping stations, hospitals, road infrastructure, parks, sewerage work, water storage tanks and many more infrasturutre work to say. has listed 300 + Construction companies in Qatar. Some of the leading Construction companies in Qatar are:


There are different kinds of building development made out of different structures like concrete structures, Steel frame structures, wood constructions, load bearing masonry constructions, pre cast concrete construction and many more.

Construction companies in Qatar uses different kinds of materials like concrete, timber, solid, metals, glass, gypsum and so on for projects. Also goverment has been intiating through various organizations on Green building practices and environmentally sustainable practices in Qatar throughout life-cycle of a project from design, construction and maintenance.

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Catering companies in Qatar - Caterers and catering support services

Catering companies in Qatar – Caterers and Catering support services

Catering service is part of the hospitality sector which includes all businesses that provide food and/or accommodation services.  Providing food services at a remote site or to hotels, hospitals, aircraft, ships, and events are all part of catering services.

Infrastructure reforms under Qatar National Vision 2030 in several sectors including hotels, tourism, transport, education, and healthcare created immense opportunities for catering services and catering support services market in Qatar. With the growing number of catering companies in Qatar, different types of catering services being offered that are specific to any types of occasions, festivals, informal settings, labor camps, and corporate events. Catering companies in Qatar source food products from local and international suppliers.

There are many reputed catering companies in Qatar listed in

Catering companies in Qatar provides different services including,

  • Business Catering in Qatar
  • Industrial Catering Services in Qatar
  • Event Catering in Qatar
  • Mobile Kitchens
  • Corporate Hospitality and Dining
  • Contract Catering at Remote Site in Qatar
  • Industrial Camp Services in Qatar
  • On-shore, Off-shore Catering Services in Qatar


Uniform Suppliers and Manufactures in Qatar

Uniforms Suppliers and Manufactures in Qatar

Uniforms are not just for schools. Uniforms to employees are a common feature in many of the businesses in the state of Qatar. From nurses in clinics to workers in the hospitality industry are expected to wear a specific type of uniforms. Uniforms ensure employees look professional and presentable. Also, it helps to build the brand which makes customers feel familiar and instantly identifiable when they visit different branches of same business.

Uniform Suppliers and Manufactures in Qatar supplies uniforms to Schools and businesses that operate hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets, clinics, hospitals, customer service agencies, armed forces, security guards services, aviation industry and many more that can benefit greatly from staff uniforms.

Uniform Suppliers and Manufactures in QatarTo fit needs of the business, Uniform Suppliers and Manufactures in Qatar supplies custom tailored and embroidered uniforms to business in Qatar. Manufacturing Uniforms for different professionals involves a systematic procedure.

  • Understand the exact specifications of the uniforms
  • Trained graphic designers to come up with unique designs, logos and other symbolic items that can be used on the uniforms
  • A prototype is made and approval is sought from the client before manufacturing uniforms in bulk quantities

Qatar has many quality uniform suppliers and stores with a comprehensive range of shirts, trousers, skirts, T-shirts, scarves, belts, socks and blazer and all uniform accessories. has listed more than 15 Uniform Manufacturers and Suppliers in Qatar. Some of the leading Uniform Manufacturers and Suppliers in Qatar are:

Electrical Equipments Suppliers in Qatar

Electrical Equipment Suppliers in Qatar

Machines that are powered by electricity are generally categorized as Electrical Equipments. Electrical equipment often referred to as components of the electrical distribution system, which includes Switchboards, Distribution boards, Circuit breakers, Electricity meter and Transformers.

Infrastructure development work in Qatar generates a lot of business for Electrical Equipments Suppliers in Qatar. There are many trusted Electrical Equipment Suppliers in Qatar listed in, with a wide range of products and assurance on availability.

Electrical Equipment Suppliers in Qatar provide quality electrical equipment,  accessories and products which includes Cables, Cable Management Systems, Cable Ties, Switchgear Fuses, Industrial Plugs, Sockets Motor, Starters, Explosion Proof Light Fittings, Industrial Weighing, Retail Weighing, Weighing Scale, Electric Motors, Automation Controls, Food processing equipment, VFD & Soft starters, AC/DC Servo Drives, Cable glands, Bling plugs, Ballast, Lamps, Circuit breakers, Isolators, Power transformers, Voltage converters and many other electrical equipments and accessories. has listed more than 50 Electrical Equipment Suppliers in Qatar. Some of the leading electrical equipment suppliers in Qatar are:


Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems – Suppliers and Service providers in Qatar

Access control systems basically perform authorization, identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials which includes PIN numbers, passwords, biometrics, physical keys or electronic keys.

Physical access control is widely used in Qatar which limits access to buildings, rooms, particular zones in a building, control entry into exterior doors of buildings, entry to a campus and in many more circumstances.

Access control systems in Qatar is considered as one of the important parts of commercial buildings as it helps to provide convenient access to the authorized person and at the same time restrict access to people who are not authorized to enter a particular area or a zone.

Access Control Systems suppliers in Qatar supplies products like Control Panels, Controllers, Actuators, Sensors, Gateways, Infrastructure Devices, Metal Detectors, Exit Door Alarms, Anti-Theft systems to any kind of home and commercial automation systems. Access Control System service providers and suppliers in Qatar work in projects from different verticals including government, Healthcare, Corporate clients, retails and hotels in implementation of Electronic Article surveillance systems, Queue Management Systems, Audio Visual Systems , CCTV, Parking Management solutions, Biometric Time Attendance Systems, Fingerprint Attendance Systems, Access Control Systems, Audio Video Intercom Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, IT Solutions and other ELV Systems.

Some of the top Access Control System suppliers in Qatar are:

In Qatar, most of the commercial building has access control systems to ensure overall safety.





Scaffolding Suppliers in Qatar

Scaffolding or otherwise called as Scaffold is a structure used to support work crew and materials temporarily to aid in the construction-related projects, industrial, oil and gas projects, shipbuilding and many other projects. Scaffolds are used to get access to heights and to reach areas that would be otherwise hard to get to.

Scaffolding Suppliers in Qatar - Qatar
Scaffolding Suppliers in Qatar

Adapted forms of scaffolds are used in formwork and shoring, grandstand seating, concert stages, access towers, viewing towers, exhibition stands, ski ramps, half-pipes and many other construction-related projects. Scaffoldings are made of aluminium or lightweight materials. list more than 25 Scaffolding Suppliers in Qatar with their updated contact details and address to get the best Scaffolding and related products at best price. If you are looking for Scaffolding Suppliers in Qatar please click here.

Some of the top Scaffolding Suppliers in Qatar are:

Affix Scaffolding WLL

Apollo Enterprises Scaffolding & Formworks Division

Marina Platforms Qatar

Oryx Qatar Contracting & Scaffoldings Co. W.L.L

Acrow Qatar Formwork Technology

JAJ Trading Co. WLL

Marcegaglia Gulf LLC

Aryaf AlDoha

Hamad and Mohamad Al-Futtaim Co. LLC (Scaffolding & Formwork Division)

International Stars Import & Export WLL

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Food Importers and Wholesalers

Food Importers & Wholesalers in Qatar

Food importers and wholesalers in Qatar supplies all varieties of fresh food items, dry food items, frozen food items, beverages products, confectionery, chocolates, coffee, Meat, Seafood, Pasta, Rice, Oils, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Condiments, Cereals, Breakfast Foods, Soups, Canned Goods, Frozen Foods, Dairy, Cheese,, Eggs, Snacks, Crackers and many more.

Imported food items are supplied to Supermarkets chains, hypermarkets chains, bakeries, baking companies, catering companies, hotels, restaurants and many other institutions.

food-importers-wholesalers-qatar-yellowpages list more than 50 Food importers and wholesalers in Doha, Qatar who offer quality food and beverage products to a diverse range of customers. If you are looking for Food importers and wholesalers in Qatar please click here.

Some of the top companies who are into Food Imports & Wholesales in Qatar are:

GulfMed Supply

Ideal Marketing & Services WLL

Yacoob Trading & Contracting Co. WLL

Galaxy Food Center WLL

Abdulla Ali & Sons For Foodstuff Co.

Al Hayat Foodstuff

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Building Materials

Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar

Materials which is used for construction purposes are categorized as building materials. It includes materials such as cement, blocks, wood, steel, paints and many more materials that have been used to construct buildings. list details of more than 300 Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar

Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar
Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar

Find suppliers who supply building materials in retail and wholesale in Qatar with updated Address, Contact person, Phone number to get all your building materials at affordable price rate.

Top 10 companies who are in to building materials supply are:

Al Andalus International Building Materials Co.

Almas Building Materials & Contracting

ANT General Trading LLC

Bradma Qatar WLL

Clear Trading WLL

Doha Project Trading & Services WLL


Kuwait Insulating Material Manufaturing Co. (KIMMCO)

Mokasco Express Co.

Mount Everest Trading & Contg Co. WLL

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Trading Companies

Trading Companies in Doha, Qatar

Trading Companies are a vast and highly diversified business models which deal with the trading of wide range of commodities, goods and services. Majority of the trading companies follow Business-to-Business pattern having a trade relationship with other companies. Importers, exporters and wholesalers are the main players in the trading business and they are connected with the subsequent outlets, branch centres, retail shops and consumers. Trading business is the significant source of economy in most of the countries and in the current era, its economic, social and political importance have raised largely because of Industrialization, globalization, role of multinational corporations and its outsourcing.

There is a vast variety of trading companies, consultancies, contractors operate in Qatar. They are specialized in the areas of Real Estate, Residential and Commercial Properties for Rent and Lease, Buying and Selling of Land Villas and Towers, Property Management, Residential and Commercial Properties Marketing, Travel Consultancy, Visa Services, Hotel Reservations, Online Ticket Assistance, Car Rentals, Cruise Packages, Travel Insurance, Resort Packages, World Tour Packages, International Driving Licences, Cleaning, Chemicals, Food, Beverage, Sewage treatment, Water Treatment, Car Hire, Leasing And Rent A Car Services, Chemicals & Chemical Products, Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Laboratory Chemicals, Oilfield Chemicals, Swimming Pool Chemicals, Travel Agency, Tourism & Travel Services, Civil Contracting, Waterproofing, Tile Fixing, Painting, Epoxy,  Generator Maintenance, Car Parking Shades, Web Design, SEO, Corporate Branding, Printing, Voice and Data, Nursing Care Facilities, Villa Construction, Project Management, Supply of Equipment & Machine, Facility & Maintenance Management, Accommodation & Properties Services, Man Power Services, Electronics Home Appliances, Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems, Air Purifiers, Power Tools and Hand Tools etc.

There are more than 100 Trading Companies are listed in website who offer services in different fields and specializations, making it easy for the consumers to select the required service from the reputed and qualified trading companies.

Some of the top trading companies on are the following:

Middle East Development Trading and Contracting Co W.L.L – MEDCO

My City Group

New Tech Contracting

Qatar Islamic Trading & Contracting Co.

Trust House Trading & Contracting Co.

Village Trading Group WLL

Clouds Interiors Trading & Contracting Co. WLL

Doha Avenue Trading

Kamal Trading and Contracting Co

And Many More…



Manpower Suppliers in Doha-Qatar-Yellowpages
General Contractors, Manpower Suppliers

Manpower Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Any organization or establishment requires a set of suitably qualified and experienced workforce to handle different sorts of activities and tasks. Based on the business pattern, there can be some tasks which demand the manpower on a part time or full time basis. Most of the establishments rely on the consultancies or manpower suppliers to fulfill their workforce need. It becomes very convenient to depend on the manpower suppliers as they supply the suitable candidates for the required job areas. Most of the manpower suppliers ensure that the candidates are well trained and are fit to handle the assigned tasks. This will save your precious time on the training, as the manpower suppliers assign ready-to-go candidates.

In Qatar, there are plenty of manpower suppliers offering candidates for different projects.   HR Solutions, Human Resources Development companies, Training Centres Services and Consultants, Recruitment consultants offer a range of services to match your project requirements in the following fields, Carpentry, Civil Contractors, Cleaning Contractors, Labour Supply Services, Hospitality Services, Nursing Services, Babysitters, Maid Services, Live out maids, Live-in Maids, Child Minders, Child Day Care Services, Earth Movers, Facility Management, Heavy Equipment Hire, Port-A-Cabin  Hire, Construction Fields, Project Management, Real Estate Development, Civil Structure, MEP work, Interior Designing and Decoration, Supply of Equipment and Machine, Maintenance Management, Accommodation and Properties Services, Real Estate Management, House and Office Cleaning Services, Hospitality Services, Dry cleaning And Laundry Services, Scaffolding, Plumbing, Mechanical Works, Piping, Instrumentation, Civil Works, Technicians, Web Design, SEO, Hardware and Networking, Corporate Branding, Printing, Voice and Data, Creative Designs, etc. on a part-time or full time base.

In website, there are more than 100 Manpower Suppliers are listed who offer suitable candidates in different work areas to meet your requirements.

Some of the leading Manpower Suppliers on are the following:

Middle East Development Trading and Contracting Co W.L.L – MEDCO

Dentists | Dental Care Centres | Qatar, Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics in Doha, Qatar

Health is the greatest wealth! Most of us believe in this statement and we always take care of our mind, body and soul by involving ourselves in different physical and recreational activities which helps us being fit and fine. Doctors and Physicians at the hospitals and clinics play an essential role in the healthcare system. The great advancements in the medical field and specializations have helped the mankind to get rid of almost all diseases and health disorders. Hospitals and clinics perform the diagnosis, provide the necessary treatment, nursing, counselling, and other medical services.

There are many hospitals and clinics providing the medical services in various fields. Following are the available services in the hospitals and clinics, Dentists & Dental Clinics, Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Outpatient Care Centres, Obstetrician, Medical Consultation for Infertility and Ultra Sound Examination, Cardio, Child Care, Dermatologists, Eye Specialists, General Surgery, Orthodontists, Paediatricians, Plastic Surgeons, Physiotherapy, ENT Clinics, etc. Veterinary clinics and veterinary medical services are also available.

The search for Hospitals or Clinics based on the medical specializations is made easy on the website as it lists more than 50 Hospitals/Clinics/Specialists in various medical fields who provide affordable and quality health care services.

The following are some of the leading Hospitals & Clinics on

Al Reem Dental Center

Dr. Khudsia Begum

Boston Medical Care

Al Aseel Veterinary Clinic

Alkharashy Dental Center

Dr. Ramesh Babus Clinic

Dr. Susan George Dental Clinic

Magrabi Center

Cedars Dental Center

Majestic Dental Center

And many more..!

general contractors-doha-qatar-yellowpages
General Contractors

General Contractors in Doha, Qatar.

General Contractors are the crucial part of most of the projects. In construction industry, maintenance projects, renovations, procurement of furniture, electronics or raw materials, electrical projects, fire safety, housekeeping, metal fabrication, surveillance systems, packing & moving or any sort of repair works, contractors are extremely important. Generally the contractors take the responsibility of assessing the project in terms of budget and manpower requirement, managing the tasks, supplying the raw materials, equipment and labours. This would certainly ease the workload of the clients, as the contractors would handle the assigned project under their supervision and
deliver the expected results. There are also contractors who supply labours and workforce for general projects like housekeeping or homecare nursing.

In Qatar, contractors are available as per the client’s requirement, who are well-versed in various projects. The contractors are professional in the following fields, Interior works, Joinery, Civil construction, Maintenance works, Renovation works, MEP works, Glass works, Aluminium works, Building maintenance, Concrete coring, Concrete cutting, Ware house construction, Villa construction, Sheet pile, Soil nailing, Driven piles, Secant Bored Pile, Diaphragm Walls, Building Management System, Building Material Supply, Electrical, Plumbing, Nursing services, Residential Cleaning, House Keeping, Deep Clean, Moving In Clean, Moving Out Clean, General Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Part Time Maids, Moving and Relocation Cleaning, Special Occasion Cleaning, Aluminium
related, Cladding, Glazing, Carpentry, General Road Contracting, Safety Equipment Installation, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishing Materials, etc.

In website, there are more than 100 General Contractors are listed who are professionals in the above mentioned fields and specialties, delivering the services as per your need.

Please find below some of the leading General Contractors listed on

Almas Building Materials & Contracting

Dutch Foundation Co.

New Tech Contracting

Omega Engineering WLL

Six Construct Qatar Ltd (WLL)

The Clean Team

Trust House Trading & Contracting Co.

Beauty Salons in Qatar YellowPages
Beauty Salons, Spas, Parlours, beauty-salons Doha Qatar

Beauty Salons in Doha, Qatar

Beauty is a characteristic of a person. A well-groomed appearance always grabs the attention of many and it also adds grace and elegance to your personality. Physical attractiveness is the key in building a social status and connecting people. Your intelligence, politeness and charisma will always create a positive impression when it is presented in an attractive manner. Beauty Salons, Spas, Beauty Consultants, dietitians are boon to enhance and maintain our beauty and health in scientific, traditional and contemporary ways. Beauty Salons not only concentrate on beautifying the outer beauty, they also offer certain services which helps in keeping up the physical health and recommend best practices to enjoy a healthy life style.

In Qatar, there are many best Beauty related services are available. These centers normally be identified as Beauty Centers, Beauty Salons, Boutiques, Health Clubs & Centers, Massage Centers, Spas, Fitness And Recreational Sports Centers, offering services on Fitness and Exercise, Food and Diet, Women’s Health, Natural Remedies, Mental Health, Food & Dietary Supplements, Health & Beauty Products, Clothing, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Hair Accessories & Hair Care Products, Hairdressing, Foot Care, Hair, Nail And Skin Care Services, Hair Replacement & Transplant etc. There are centers which offer courses in Beauty, Body, Hair, Makeup and Spa, Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty Training Courses, Hair and Beauty therapy courses as well.

Pamper yourself in the best wellness and beauty centers, salons, spas and beauty parlors in Qatar. You’re bound to feel healthy and glowing whether you are a man or a woman! Experience professional wide services such as skin care haircuts & hair care, massage, nail care, waxing, facial and body treatments, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, manicures and pedicures,  body wrap, dry body brushing & scalp massage, Spray tanning, makeup, Spa facial, Hot stone massage, aromatherapy, sauna etc.

The search for Beauty Salon centers is made easy through, as there are over 200 Beauty Salons or Beauty Centers and services are listed.

Please find below some of the leading Beauty Salons in Qatar.

B Attitude Spa

Be Bloom Beauty Center & Spa

Health & Life Magazine

Life Nest Beauty

Qatar International Beauty Academy (TAJMEEL)

P.N Medical spa


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Dentists | Dental Care Centres | Qatar

Dentists in Doha, Qatar

Smile increases your face value, and it is always supported by a set of beautiful teeth. Not only the beauty, a fit Oral system & dental health boost the confidence too. Maintaining a good dental health is the best practice to avoid further health consequences. A periodic consult with the dentist would always help us to take care of our dental or oral health. As the technology is growing, there are plenty of treatments available from the Dentists who are specialized in dental treatments such as dental restorations, orthodontics, prosthodontics, root canal therapy, gum therapy, extraction of teeth and other oral surgeries. Additionally, dentists can further engage in oral surgery procedures such as dental implant placement. Dentists would also examine the various conditions that arise in the head and neck due to dental health issues.

Dentists or Dental Care centres at Qatar normally offer services on Root Canal Treatment (RCT),Fillings, Scaling, Braces, Dental Implants, Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Metal Free Ceramic Crowns, Pedodontic Treatment, Implant Supported Dentures, Laser Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Cleaning, Gummy Smile Correction, Tooth Whitening, Hollywood Smile, Smile Makeover, Orthodontic Treatment, Periodontal Surgery, Crowns and Bridges, Paediatric Dentistry and on other dental and oral related concerns.

It is easy to search for a Dentist or Dental Care centres at Qatar as lists more than 50 dentists or dental care centres who offer services with good quality and facilities.

Find below some of the Leading Dentist or Dental Care Centres in Qatar:

Al Reem Dental Center

Majestic Dental Center

Alkharashy Dental Center

Dr. Salma Dental Clinic

Dr. Susan George Dental Clinic

Dr. Susan T. Oommen Dental Clinic

Cedars Dental Center

Damas Dental Care

Dr. Sawsan Ismail Medical Center

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Furniture Dealers, Furniture manufacturers and suppliers

Furniture Dealers in Qatar

Furniture is an integral part of human life. They support regular human activities like seating, dining, writing, sleeping and other routines. Historically, wood and stones are used to manufacture various forms of furniture items. As the technology progressed, currently a wide range of materials are used in furniture manufacturing. Wood, Cane, Bamboo, Plywood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Fiber, Fabric, Concrete and mixed materials are used to manufacture various types of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, cots, desks, cupboards, wardrobes, showcases, decorative items, garden bench, couch, sofa, storage chest etc. Innovative furniture like recliners, specialty furniture, leisure furniture, swings, hammock are also available in the market.

In Qatar, Furniture Dealers and manufacturers supply a complete range of furniture as per your requirement. They are also specialized in Restaurant Furniture, Children and Infant Furniture, School Furniture, Garden Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Stairways, Door frames, Partitions, Rafters, Bridge support, Doors, Windows, Kitchen furniture, Ceilings, Dry Lining, Blinds, Flooring, Office Furniture, Carpentry Works, Interior Fit-outs, Fire Rated Doors, Non-Fire Rated Doors, Roller Shutter, Wardrobes, Modular Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinets, Wooden Flooring, Decorative Doors, Wardrobes and all other furniture and associated services.

Leading Furniture Dealers are listed in website, who offer all sort of furniture supplies and services with an affordable budget and great quality of service.

Find below some of the top Furniture dealers in Qatar.

Penta Furniture Emporium WLL

Wood Architectural Works WLL

Antiques & Islamic Arts

Lords Furniture Co WLL

Silver Touch Furniture.W.L.L