Construction companies in Qatar -

Construction Companies in Qatar

Powered by the government’s aggressive economic reform initiatives, coupled with other major policy decisions to boost the local economy, Qatar’s construction/real estate sector is poised to witness a robust growth until 2019. The report also noted that this growth is expected to continue in the construction market in Qatar at an annual rate that will reach a compound of up to 7 percent by 2019., reported

There are more than 300 construction companies in Qatar listed in who are involved in the field of construction. Local and Multinational Construction companies in Qatar involves in projects like residentials apartments, constructing offices, villas, commercial complexex, housing compuonds, shopping complexes, commercial complexex, auditoriums, stadiums, construction of bridges, pumping stations, hospitals, road infrastructure, parks, sewerage work, water storage tanks and many more infrasturutre work to say. has listed 300 + Construction companies in Qatar. Some of the leading Construction companies in Qatar are:


There are different kinds of building development made out of different structures like concrete structures, Steel frame structures, wood constructions, load bearing masonry constructions, pre cast concrete construction and many more.

Construction companies in Qatar uses different kinds of materials like concrete, timber, solid, metals, glass, gypsum and so on for projects. Also goverment has been intiating through various organizations on Green building practices and environmentally sustainable practices in Qatar throughout life-cycle of a project from design, construction and maintenance.

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