Catering companies in Qatar - Caterers and catering support services

Catering companies in Qatar – Caterers and Catering support services

Catering service is part of the hospitality sector which includes all businesses that provide food and/or accommodation services.  Providing food services at a remote site or to hotels, hospitals, aircraft, ships, and events are all part of catering services.

Infrastructure reforms under Qatar National Vision 2030 in several sectors including hotels, tourism, transport, education, and healthcare created immense opportunities for catering services and catering support services market in Qatar. With the growing number of catering companies in Qatar, different types of catering services being offered that are specific to any types of occasions, festivals, informal settings, labor camps, and corporate events. Catering companies in Qatar source food products from local and international suppliers.

There are many reputed catering companies in Qatar listed in

Catering companies in Qatar provides different services including,

  • Business Catering in Qatar
  • Industrial Catering Services in Qatar
  • Event Catering in Qatar
  • Mobile Kitchens
  • Corporate Hospitality and Dining
  • Contract Catering at Remote Site in Qatar
  • Industrial Camp Services in Qatar
  • On-shore, Off-shore Catering Services in Qatar


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