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Pipes and fittings dealers & contractors

Pipes and Pipe fittings Suppliers & Dealers in Doha, Qatar

Pipes are used to convey the fluids and it is the primary item in the plumbing activities. Pipes are manufactured out of various materials like PVC, ceramic, fiber, metal, concrete, glass, plastic etc. and are available in different sizes, capacities and strength. In the field of farming or residential and industrial constructions pipes have a vital role to complete the fluid conveyance systems like water pipelines, Air conditioner systems, water supply for fields or gardens, swimming pool, underground pipelines, sewage, drainage, factories, metal fabrication, machinery etc. Pipes are also used to manufacture other tools like ladder, handrails, scaffolding, support structures and other useful items. There are also other supporting products like pipe fittings, valves, hoses, joints and other devices are used to carry out the plumbing activities. So, pipes are considered as a versatile hardware which plays numerous roles in the construction field.

In Qatar, there are many traders and contractors deal with Pipes and its accessories. They also offer their services in the following segments; Valves, Water drainage Products, Commercial Taps, Water level controllers, HDPE Pipe Fittings, Hand Shower Hoses, Brass Fittings, CP Fittings, Kitchen Sink Pipe Fittings, Pumps, Bathroom fitting, Water filter, Plumbing materials, Sanitary ware, Steel Pipe, Waterproofing Material, Gasket, Pipe Racks, Stainless Steel handrail, Stainless Steel Cladding, Stainless Steel Ladder, Stainless Steel Flagpole, Stainless Steel Bollard, Metalwork Structures and many more.

On yellowpages.qa website, more than 50 Pipes and fittings dealers and contractors are listed who deal with pipes and fittings of popular brands and offer various plumbing and pipes related services. Based on your service requirements you can easily choose the services from this list.

Some of the leading Pipes and fittings dealers and contractors on yellowpages.qa are the following:

Bestway Oilfield & Gas Equip. LLC

Pneumics Automation FZC

Qatar Paving Stones

Accord Trading LLC

AL Tayeb Water Technology (Water Division)

Al Vivid King’s Trading Co. WLL

Petrofoam for Plastic Production

And Many More…!


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Pharmacies in Doha-Qatar-Yellowpages
Dentists | Dental Care Centres | Qatar, Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics, Pharmacies in Doha

Pharmacies in Doha, Qatar

Pharmacies are a vital part of the healthcare unit, who supply medicines on prescription, medical instruments, cosmetics, toiletries, medical accessories and other healthcare products. Pharmacies often work closely with the doctors and physicians who help the consumers in understanding the usage of the medications and guide the consumers with the details like usage cycle of the medicines, the strength and dosage, and all other drug related information.  At times, it helps the consumers in getting a basic medical advice while procuring the medicines or selecting the alternate brand or dosage. So, pharmacies have become the first point-of-contact for consumers with their health inquiries.

Most of the Pharmacies in Qatar deal with Medical & Lab Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Perfume & Beauty products and supplies, Medical & Hospital Equipment, Dental and dental lab equipment, Diet and supplements, Surgical equipment, Wellness products, Veterinary products and all other healthcare products.

There are a number of Pharmacies listed in the website yellowpages.qa, who are well-known in the pharmaceutical business and other medical and healthcare supplies.

Find here the topmost Pharmaceutical Products – Whol & Mfrs companies in Qatar who offers quality products and services at affordable price or Just visit yellowpages.qa to get the complete details of best Pharmaceutical Products – Whol & Mfrs companies in Doha, Qatar.

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Access Control Systems, Electrical, Electrical Contractors, Electro-Mechanical Contractors

Electrical Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Electrical Contractors are the professionals or the company who are specialized in planning, designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems. They are also the important contributors in the construction sector. Electricity is one of the basic needs of human life. Life without electricity is unimaginable however, it is also important to be aware that the proper installation and maintenance of electrical systems are must to safeguard from unintended mishaps. Electrical systems rely on the factors like electrical circuits, power consumption, electrical phases, power system protection, voltage and wattage, designing of power lines, safeguarding the electrical appliances, electrical accessories and human life. So, it demands a professional in this sector for the installation and maintenance activities. The services from the Electrical Contractors are very much needed for Residencies, Industries, commercial plants, Oil Industries, Shipyards, laboratories, Government or Private Offices, Religious centres, factories and all establishments.

In Qatar, Electrical Contractors are specialized in Electrical Systems design, installations and maintenance, and also in the following areas; Infrastructure Works, Cable Installation, General Electrical Works, Industrial automation, Fire Fighting System, Fire Alarm System, Power and Lighting System, HVAC, Low Current System, Earthing System, Lighting Control, CCTV System, Access Control, Engineering Services, Machine Tool Repairs, Generator Repair, Motor Rewinding, AC Motor Rewinding, DC Motor Rewinding, Generator Rewinding, Transformer Repair, Electric Tools Repair, and all other electrical systems related activities.

In yellowpages.qa website more than 50 Electrical Contractors are listed who offer services on all electrical works with an affordable price and quality.

The following are some of them:

Alwaha Contracting & Trading Co WLL

CES Commitment Engineering Supplies

Falcon Trading & Contracting Co. WLL

LC Lusail Consultants

Omega Engineering WLL

Shaheen Electrical Works & Trading WLL

United Electromechanical Intl. Est

Bojamhoor Mechanical & Electrical Co. WLL

Powertech Trading & Contracting WLL

And Many More…!

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Access Control Systems, Electrical, Electro-Mechanical Contractors, Fire Fighting Equipments | Service | Maintenance, Fire Fighting Equipments | Supply | Service | Maintenance

Electro-Mechanical Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Electro-Mechanical is a field which is related to the equipment and products with the combination of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. Most of the lifestyle equipment, industrial equipment, safety and surveillance systems, robotics, gadgets and devices falls into this category. Electro-Mechanical instruments and equipment have become a common, yet an important aspect of our daily life and also for the industries and businesses. Products like air-conditioners, refrigeration, elevators, escalators, safety and alarm systems, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dryers, industrial machines, turbines etc. have definitely contributed for the progressive lifestyle and also for the industrial and business growth. Electro-mechanical contractors are the key people in the process of installation and maintenance of these products. It is always helpful to consult these contractors as they are well aware of the theory behind the engineering of the electro-mechanical products and also with the analysis, design and maintenance assistance.

In Qatar, Electro-mechanical contractors offer various services along with electro-mechanical products installation, servicing and maintenance. Most of the Electro-mechanical Contractors extend their services in the following fields; Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Motor Rewinding, Automated Rolling Shutters, Sectional Doors, Remote Operated Home Automation, Automatic Audio Video Systems, HVAC, Centralized Systems, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Fire extinguisher, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Pumps, Building Management System, Electrical, Plumbing System, Drainage System, Power and Lighting System, Low Current System, Earthing System, CCTV System, Access Control Systems, Cabling, Building Maintenance Services, Emergency Lighting System, Solar power, Photovoltaic and other domestic, industrial services.

More than 100 Electro-Mechanical contractors are listed in yellowpages.qa website, with their specializations, who offer various services ensuring the quality and commitment.

Please find the following Top 10 Electro-Mechanical Contractors List on Yellowpages:

Advanced Technical Services Co WLL

Arctic Cooling Company

City Square Contracting & Services WLL

LC Lusail Consultants

My City Group

Trading Companies

Trading Companies in Doha, Qatar

Trading Companies are a vast and highly diversified business models which deal with the trading of wide range of commodities, goods and services. Majority of the trading companies follow Business-to-Business pattern having a trade relationship with other companies. Importers, exporters and wholesalers are the main players in the trading business and they are connected with the subsequent outlets, branch centres, retail shops and consumers. Trading business is the significant source of economy in most of the countries and in the current era, its economic, social and political importance have raised largely because of Industrialization, globalization, role of multinational corporations and its outsourcing.

There is a vast variety of trading companies, consultancies, contractors operate in Qatar. They are specialized in the areas of Real Estate, Residential and Commercial Properties for Rent and Lease, Buying and Selling of Land Villas and Towers, Property Management, Residential and Commercial Properties Marketing, Travel Consultancy, Visa Services, Hotel Reservations, Online Ticket Assistance, Car Rentals, Cruise Packages, Travel Insurance, Resort Packages, World Tour Packages, International Driving Licences, Cleaning, Chemicals, Food, Beverage, Sewage treatment, Water Treatment, Car Hire, Leasing And Rent A Car Services, Chemicals & Chemical Products, Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Laboratory Chemicals, Oilfield Chemicals, Swimming Pool Chemicals, Travel Agency, Tourism & Travel Services, Civil Contracting, Waterproofing, Tile Fixing, Painting, Epoxy,  Generator Maintenance, Car Parking Shades, Web Design, SEO, Corporate Branding, Printing, Voice and Data, Nursing Care Facilities, Villa Construction, Project Management, Supply of Equipment & Machine, Facility & Maintenance Management, Accommodation & Properties Services, Man Power Services, Electronics Home Appliances, Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems, Air Purifiers, Power Tools and Hand Tools etc.

There are more than 100 Trading Companies are listed in yellowpages.qa website who offer services in different fields and specializations, making it easy for the consumers to select the required service from the reputed and qualified trading companies.

Some of the top trading companies on yellowpages.qa are the following:

Middle East Development Trading and Contracting Co W.L.L – MEDCO

My City Group

New Tech Contracting

Qatar Islamic Trading & Contracting Co.

Trust House Trading & Contracting Co.

Village Trading Group WLL

Clouds Interiors Trading & Contracting Co. WLL

Doha Avenue Trading

Kamal Trading and Contracting Co

And Many More…



Manpower Suppliers in Doha-Qatar-Yellowpages
General Contractors, Manpower Suppliers

Manpower Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Any organization or establishment requires a set of suitably qualified and experienced workforce to handle different sorts of activities and tasks. Based on the business pattern, there can be some tasks which demand the manpower on a part time or full time basis. Most of the establishments rely on the consultancies or manpower suppliers to fulfill their workforce need. It becomes very convenient to depend on the manpower suppliers as they supply the suitable candidates for the required job areas. Most of the manpower suppliers ensure that the candidates are well trained and are fit to handle the assigned tasks. This will save your precious time on the training, as the manpower suppliers assign ready-to-go candidates.

In Qatar, there are plenty of manpower suppliers offering candidates for different projects.   HR Solutions, Human Resources Development companies, Training Centres Services and Consultants, Recruitment consultants offer a range of services to match your project requirements in the following fields, Carpentry, Civil Contractors, Cleaning Contractors, Labour Supply Services, Hospitality Services, Nursing Services, Babysitters, Maid Services, Live out maids, Live-in Maids, Child Minders, Child Day Care Services, Earth Movers, Facility Management, Heavy Equipment Hire, Port-A-Cabin  Hire, Construction Fields, Project Management, Real Estate Development, Civil Structure, MEP work, Interior Designing and Decoration, Supply of Equipment and Machine, Maintenance Management, Accommodation and Properties Services, Real Estate Management, House and Office Cleaning Services, Hospitality Services, Dry cleaning And Laundry Services, Scaffolding, Plumbing, Mechanical Works, Piping, Instrumentation, Civil Works, Technicians, Web Design, SEO, Hardware and Networking, Corporate Branding, Printing, Voice and Data, Creative Designs, etc. on a part-time or full time base.

In yellowpages.qa website, there are more than 100 Manpower Suppliers are listed who offer suitable candidates in different work areas to meet your requirements.

Some of the leading Manpower Suppliers on yellowpages.qa are the following:

Middle East Development Trading and Contracting Co W.L.L – MEDCO

Beauty Salons in Qatar YellowPages
Beauty Salons, Spas, Parlours, beauty-salons Doha Qatar

Beauty Salons in Doha, Qatar

Beauty is a characteristic of a person. A well-groomed appearance always grabs the attention of many and it also adds grace and elegance to your personality. Physical attractiveness is the key in building a social status and connecting people. Your intelligence, politeness and charisma will always create a positive impression when it is presented in an attractive manner. Beauty Salons, Spas, Beauty Consultants, dietitians are boon to enhance and maintain our beauty and health in scientific, traditional and contemporary ways. Beauty Salons not only concentrate on beautifying the outer beauty, they also offer certain services which helps in keeping up the physical health and recommend best practices to enjoy a healthy life style.

In Qatar, there are many best Beauty related services are available. These centers normally be identified as Beauty Centers, Beauty Salons, Boutiques, Health Clubs & Centers, Massage Centers, Spas, Fitness And Recreational Sports Centers, offering services on Fitness and Exercise, Food and Diet, Women’s Health, Natural Remedies, Mental Health, Food & Dietary Supplements, Health & Beauty Products, Clothing, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Hair Accessories & Hair Care Products, Hairdressing, Foot Care, Hair, Nail And Skin Care Services, Hair Replacement & Transplant etc. There are centers which offer courses in Beauty, Body, Hair, Makeup and Spa, Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty Training Courses, Hair and Beauty therapy courses as well.

Pamper yourself in the best wellness and beauty centers, salons, spas and beauty parlors in Qatar. You’re bound to feel healthy and glowing whether you are a man or a woman! Experience professional wide services such as skin care haircuts & hair care, massage, nail care, waxing, facial and body treatments, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, manicures and pedicures,  body wrap, dry body brushing & scalp massage, Spray tanning, makeup, Spa facial, Hot stone massage, aromatherapy, sauna etc.

The search for Beauty Salon centers is made easy through www.yellowpages.qa, as there are over 200 Beauty Salons or Beauty Centers and services are listed.

Please find below some of the leading Beauty Salons in Qatar.

B Attitude Spa

Be Bloom Beauty Center & Spa

Health & Life Magazine

Life Nest Beauty

Qatar International Beauty Academy (TAJMEEL)

P.N Medical spa