Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in Doha Qatar Yellowpages
Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Kitchen is a designated place used for cooking and preparing food in a residential or a commercial establishment. Typically the residential kitchen is equipped with source of heat for cooking, storage area, wash area, electrical and water lines, cooking accessories and utensils, normally to cater regular food supply for a limited number of members of family and guests. Restaurants, canteen and commercial kitchens are generally larger than a residential kitchen and have more advanced and heavy-duty equipment as they are preparing the food for a large number of people. Food Industry is a popular and fast growing business. Most of the leading commercial food brands, restaurants strive to keep up their standards in terms of service and quality. They adopt modern technologies in the kitchen for swift food preparation and also to maintain hygiene and food safety measures. Apart from the regular kitchen equipment, advanced accessories and tools have made their ways into commercial kitchens. Commercial mixer grinders, choppers, churners, ovens, stoves, cook tops, blenders, mashers, cookers, pans, bake wares, cold storage, chillers, special utensils and many other tools and accessories are used adapting the modern cooking technologies in the kitchen by most of the restaurants, cafeterias at educational buildings, Office, hospitals, military and religious places.

In Qatar, Kitchen Equipment traders supply a wide range of residential and commercial kitchen equipment, tools and accessories. They are also specialized in, Bakery Equipment Supplies, Kitchen Appliances, Catering Equipment Suppliers, Chillers, Ice Makers, Cold Room, Cold Storage Equipment, Refrigeration, Dispensers, Food Processing Equipment, Rotisseries, Dishwashing Machines, Vegetable Preparation Machines, Kitchen Cabinets, Sink Unit, Wall Cabinets, Kitchen Hood, Grill Sit Up, Food Service Equipment, Commercial kitchen, Modular kitchen, Stainless Steel kitchen, Exhaust fan, Hotel Equipment, Motel Equipment, Industrial Kitchen, Exhaust ducting, Coffee Machine, Butchery Equipment, Cold Line, Hot Line, Blender, Juicers, Hot Display, Popcorn Machine and many more.

More than 30 Kitchen Equipment Suppliers are listed on website, offering all domestic and commercial kitchen requirements with affordable price and service quality.

Here are some of the leading ones on YP:

Al Rawaa & Al Ibdaa Trad For Indl & Arts

Cabtech WLL – Electro Mechanical Trading

New Project Kitchen Equipment LLC

Saad Al Kaabi Steel & Aluminium Co WLL


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Electro-Mechanical Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Electro-Mechanical is a field which is related to the equipment and products with the combination of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. Most of the lifestyle equipment, industrial equipment, safety and surveillance systems, robotics, gadgets and devices falls into this category. Electro-Mechanical instruments and equipment have become a common, yet an important aspect of our daily life and also for the industries and businesses. Products like air-conditioners, refrigeration, elevators, escalators, safety and alarm systems, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dryers, industrial machines, turbines etc. have definitely contributed for the progressive lifestyle and also for the industrial and business growth. Electro-mechanical contractors are the key people in the process of installation and maintenance of these products. It is always helpful to consult these contractors as they are well aware of the theory behind the engineering of the electro-mechanical products and also with the analysis, design and maintenance assistance.

In Qatar, Electro-mechanical contractors offer various services along with electro-mechanical products installation, servicing and maintenance. Most of the Electro-mechanical Contractors extend their services in the following fields; Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Motor Rewinding, Automated Rolling Shutters, Sectional Doors, Remote Operated Home Automation, Automatic Audio Video Systems, HVAC, Centralized Systems, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Fire extinguisher, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Pumps, Building Management System, Electrical, Plumbing System, Drainage System, Power and Lighting System, Low Current System, Earthing System, CCTV System, Access Control Systems, Cabling, Building Maintenance Services, Emergency Lighting System, Solar power, Photovoltaic and other domestic, industrial services.

More than 100 Electro-Mechanical contractors are listed in website, with their specializations, who offer various services ensuring the quality and commitment.

Please find the following Top 10 Electro-Mechanical Contractors List on Yellowpages:

Advanced Technical Services Co WLL

Arctic Cooling Company

City Square Contracting & Services WLL

LC Lusail Consultants

My City Group