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CCTV Security Systems in Doha, Qatar

Safety is a priority every time and everywhere. We make sure that the surroundings, home, work area, office, factories, hospitals, malls, parking lots are safe from potential risks and threats, and we use various precautionary methods to avoid such dangers. Safety systems are used almost in all sectors to safeguard from hazards, thefts, accidents and other life threatening incidents. CCTV Security Systems are the modern technology adopted in safety sector, which keeps a watch on the activities in the surroundings and records the visuals in the storage. The recorded visuals can be referred to analyse the activities, incidents, identifying unauthorized persons, trespassing etc. Even though the crime prevention is the primary purpose of installing CCTV Security Systems, it is also used for Traffic Monitoring, Transport Safety, Sporting Events, Employee Monitoring, Monitoring Children, Control Rooms etc. CCTV Security system consists of surveillance cameras, integrated systems like access control, alarms, sensors, intercom etc. and the storage which is known as Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Until the storage option was incorporated, the earliest video surveillance systems involved live monitoring by a designated person. The system has been enhanced in the current age and there are many technological advancements are available as additional features like wireless & remote monitoring and storage, access from handheld device, night or low-light surveillance, motion sensors and other modern add-ons.

In Qatar, Security service companies offer all types of safety and surveillance systems including CCTV Security Systems. Their specializations are Access Control, Security Services, CCTV Operators, Crowd Control, Anti-Theft Systems, Time Attendance, Biometrics, Security Door, Alarms, IP Camera, Video Door Phone, Queue Management Systems, Visitor Management Systems, Public Address Systems, NVR/DVR/Storage, Smart Home, Vehicle License Plate Recognition, Voice & Data Systems, Telecommunications Networking, Audio Video Intercom Systems, Car Gate Barriers and Accessories, Burglar Alarm Panel, SMATV solutions, IPTV Solutions and all modern safety facilities.

On website, there are more than 20 service providers are listed who offer various modern security solutions including CCTV Security Systems, at an affordable price and excellent quality of services.

Some of leading CCTV Security System Suppliers are the following:

Al-Hattab Security Services

Wavelink WLL

Adax Security Systems

Fontas Electronics & Security System Co. WLL

ISC Group Gulf WLL

And Many More!


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Electrical Contractors-Doha-Qatar-Yellowpages
Access Control Systems, Electrical, Electrical Contractors, Electro-Mechanical Contractors

Electrical Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Electrical Contractors are the professionals or the company who are specialized in planning, designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems. They are also the important contributors in the construction sector. Electricity is one of the basic needs of human life. Life without electricity is unimaginable however, it is also important to be aware that the proper installation and maintenance of electrical systems are must to safeguard from unintended mishaps. Electrical systems rely on the factors like electrical circuits, power consumption, electrical phases, power system protection, voltage and wattage, designing of power lines, safeguarding the electrical appliances, electrical accessories and human life. So, it demands a professional in this sector for the installation and maintenance activities. The services from the Electrical Contractors are very much needed for Residencies, Industries, commercial plants, Oil Industries, Shipyards, laboratories, Government or Private Offices, Religious centres, factories and all establishments.

In Qatar, Electrical Contractors are specialized in Electrical Systems design, installations and maintenance, and also in the following areas; Infrastructure Works, Cable Installation, General Electrical Works, Industrial automation, Fire Fighting System, Fire Alarm System, Power and Lighting System, HVAC, Low Current System, Earthing System, Lighting Control, CCTV System, Access Control, Engineering Services, Machine Tool Repairs, Generator Repair, Motor Rewinding, AC Motor Rewinding, DC Motor Rewinding, Generator Rewinding, Transformer Repair, Electric Tools Repair, and all other electrical systems related activities.

In website more than 50 Electrical Contractors are listed who offer services on all electrical works with an affordable price and quality.

The following are some of them:

Alwaha Contracting & Trading Co WLL

CES Commitment Engineering Supplies

Falcon Trading & Contracting Co. WLL

LC Lusail Consultants

Omega Engineering WLL

Shaheen Electrical Works & Trading WLL

United Electromechanical Intl. Est

Bojamhoor Mechanical & Electrical Co. WLL

Powertech Trading & Contracting WLL

And Many More…!

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Electro-Mechanical Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Electro-Mechanical is a field which is related to the equipment and products with the combination of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. Most of the lifestyle equipment, industrial equipment, safety and surveillance systems, robotics, gadgets and devices falls into this category. Electro-Mechanical instruments and equipment have become a common, yet an important aspect of our daily life and also for the industries and businesses. Products like air-conditioners, refrigeration, elevators, escalators, safety and alarm systems, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dryers, industrial machines, turbines etc. have definitely contributed for the progressive lifestyle and also for the industrial and business growth. Electro-mechanical contractors are the key people in the process of installation and maintenance of these products. It is always helpful to consult these contractors as they are well aware of the theory behind the engineering of the electro-mechanical products and also with the analysis, design and maintenance assistance.

In Qatar, Electro-mechanical contractors offer various services along with electro-mechanical products installation, servicing and maintenance. Most of the Electro-mechanical Contractors extend their services in the following fields; Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Motor Rewinding, Automated Rolling Shutters, Sectional Doors, Remote Operated Home Automation, Automatic Audio Video Systems, HVAC, Centralized Systems, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Fire extinguisher, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Pumps, Building Management System, Electrical, Plumbing System, Drainage System, Power and Lighting System, Low Current System, Earthing System, CCTV System, Access Control Systems, Cabling, Building Maintenance Services, Emergency Lighting System, Solar power, Photovoltaic and other domestic, industrial services.

More than 100 Electro-Mechanical contractors are listed in website, with their specializations, who offer various services ensuring the quality and commitment.

Please find the following Top 10 Electro-Mechanical Contractors List on Yellowpages:

Advanced Technical Services Co WLL

Arctic Cooling Company

City Square Contracting & Services WLL

LC Lusail Consultants

My City Group

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems – Suppliers and Service providers in Qatar

Access control systems basically perform authorization, identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials which includes PIN numbers, passwords, biometrics, physical keys or electronic keys.

Physical access control is widely used in Qatar which limits access to buildings, rooms, particular zones in a building, control entry into exterior doors of buildings, entry to a campus and in many more circumstances.

Access control systems in Qatar is considered as one of the important parts of commercial buildings as it helps to provide convenient access to the authorized person and at the same time restrict access to people who are not authorized to enter a particular area or a zone.

Access Control Systems suppliers in Qatar supplies products like Control Panels, Controllers, Actuators, Sensors, Gateways, Infrastructure Devices, Metal Detectors, Exit Door Alarms, Anti-Theft systems to any kind of home and commercial automation systems. Access Control System service providers and suppliers in Qatar work in projects from different verticals including government, Healthcare, Corporate clients, retails and hotels in implementation of Electronic Article surveillance systems, Queue Management Systems, Audio Visual Systems , CCTV, Parking Management solutions, Biometric Time Attendance Systems, Fingerprint Attendance Systems, Access Control Systems, Audio Video Intercom Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, IT Solutions and other ELV Systems.

Some of the top Access Control System suppliers in Qatar are:

In Qatar, most of the commercial building has access control systems to ensure overall safety.