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Doors Manufacturers and Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Doors are generally used as a safeguard for the entrance or exit of a house, individual rooms, cabins, locker rooms, offices, stores, buildings etc. As per the history, human started using stones and wood as the primary material to manufacture doors. Gradual inventions of different hard materials and innovative technologies have later helped to manufacture the doors from glass, fibre, plywood, metal, PVC, cardboard and contemporary materials. Door design is also an important factor to avoid its monotonous appearance. So, depending on the material, size, shape and thickness of the doors, several methods are used to design it beautifully to improve the appearance. It can be a simple technic of painting or enhancing its texture by applying coats of suitable ingredients. Carving different shapes and designs on the doors are popular in case of wooden doors. Embossing, electroplating, engraving technics are used for metal door designs. Etching or acid etching is done on glass doors to design it. Most commonly the factory doors and shutters are painted with mono or multicolored. There are also door accessories available in the market for decorative purposes and also to add safety features.

In Qatar, a good number of carpenters, engineering/architectural companies and construction companies manufacture and supply different variety of doors as per your choice. They also offer services like Fire Rated Doors, Non Fire Rated Doors, Roller Shutter, Automated Rolling Shutters, Sectional Doors, Swing Sliding, Glass Doors, Remote Operated Doors, Home Automation, Wardrobes, Partitions, Modular Kitchen, Vanity Units, Metal Fabrication, Door Designers, Access Doors, Automatic Gates, Door Frames, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Tempered Glass, Structural Glazing, Frame Less Doors, Sliding Doors, Grill Louvers, Glass Etching, Glass Engravers, Shower Partitions, Glass Beveling, Glass Double Glazing, Glass Lamination, Glass Printing, Glass Accessories, Glass Partitions, Reflective Glass and many more.

More than 50 companies are listed in website, who offer various services related to Doors, its design and door accessories, with competitive price and excellent quality.

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Furniture Dealers in Qatar

Furniture is an integral part of human life. They support regular human activities like seating, dining, writing, sleeping and other routines. Historically, wood and stones are used to manufacture various forms of furniture items. As the technology progressed, currently a wide range of materials are used in furniture manufacturing. Wood, Cane, Bamboo, Plywood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Fiber, Fabric, Concrete and mixed materials are used to manufacture various types of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, cots, desks, cupboards, wardrobes, showcases, decorative items, garden bench, couch, sofa, storage chest etc. Innovative furniture like recliners, specialty furniture, leisure furniture, swings, hammock are also available in the market.

In Qatar, Furniture Dealers and manufacturers supply a complete range of furniture as per your requirement. They are also specialized in Restaurant Furniture, Children and Infant Furniture, School Furniture, Garden Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Stairways, Door frames, Partitions, Rafters, Bridge support, Doors, Windows, Kitchen furniture, Ceilings, Dry Lining, Blinds, Flooring, Office Furniture, Carpentry Works, Interior Fit-outs, Fire Rated Doors, Non-Fire Rated Doors, Roller Shutter, Wardrobes, Modular Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinets, Wooden Flooring, Decorative Doors, Wardrobes and all other furniture and associated services.

Leading Furniture Dealers are listed in website, who offer all sort of furniture supplies and services with an affordable budget and great quality of service.

Find below some of the top Furniture dealers in Qatar.

Penta Furniture Emporium WLL

Wood Architectural Works WLL

Antiques & Islamic Arts

Lords Furniture Co WLL

Silver Touch Furniture.W.L.L


Interior Decorators and Designers in Doha Qatar - Qatar Yellow Pages lists more than 50 Interior Decorators and Designers
Interior Decorators and Designers in Doha Qatar

Interior Decorators and Designers in Qatar

Interior Decorators play an essential role in completing a structure with its interior design. Interior design is the art and science of planning and setting up the interior space of a building structure to enhance its appearance to make it more appealing. Interior Decoration or Design is a multifaceted activity which involves space inspection, theme selection, design planning, safety, and design functionalities. Interior Decoration demands innovation and in-depth research as the customers tend to opt for creative designs and uniqueness. No matter if it is a residential or a commercial building, Interior Decoration undoubtedly an integral part of the architecture.

Consulting the Interior Decorators or Designers is really beneficial for the customers, to plan their building interiors as the professional designers would assist them with a proper planning and design as per the customers’ requirements. It can be at the initial planning stage of construction or at the stage where the existing structure requires a remodeling. Interior Designers are the scientists behind the beautiful, fashionable, functional and safe designs. There are different areas where the Interior Designers need to concentrate on, namely, the theme, paints and colour combinations, the material types, Wall Designing with Wallpapers or Wallcoverings, Ceiling Designing, Window and Door decorations, Curtains, Partitions, Floorings, furniture placing, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, workstation designing, and the list goes on. lists more than 50 Interior Decorators and Designers who offer Interior Decoration and design at an affordable price with great Quality and Service. Some of the top-rated Interior Decorators and Designers at Doha, Qatar are:

Interior Decoration is indeed an integral part of beautiful and appealing constructions. A unique and innovative appearance of building interiors would certainly create a soothing environment and adds positive visuals around. Consulting the Interior Decorators in Qatar would definitely help in enhancing the beauty of the building interiors and also the design functionalities.