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Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Doha, Qatar

Pest control has become a necessary routine to maintain a healthy living environment. The bugs, rodents, and insects act as the carrier of viruses, bacteria and dangerous microbes infesting your work areas, living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms, resulting in deadly diseases or health disorders. Pest infested areas need to be professionally controlled and cleaned to protect the healthy environment. Some of the pests require a periodic treatment as they grow in numbers unknowingly or in a disguised manner. Microbes are so tiny that it is very difficult to follow its activities through naked eyes, however, the resulting contamination becomes a threat to our medical conditions. We cannot simply ignore the fact that unattended areas like garage or backyard act as the pest breeders and it is necessary to keep such areas clean and pest free.  list more than 20 Pest Control Services companies who offer pest controlling services at an affordable price with good quality and effective solutions.

In Qatar, there are Facility Management companies, Cleaning and maintenance Contractors offering pest control services to keep your living and work areas free from contaminations and pest free. Along with Pest Control Services, they also extend their services on Post Construction Cleaning, Hard surface cleaning, Tile grout cleaning, Marble & Granite Polishing, Signboard Cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Cleaning services, Facade Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Facilities Support Services, Kitchen Extraction Duct Cleaning & Degreasing, Swimming Pool Service, Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection, Window Cleaning, Air Conditioning Maintenance, Termite Control, etc. Most of the Pest Control Services also deal with the supply of Insecticides, Pest Control Equipment & Supplies, Exterminating & Pest Control Services, Cleaning Systems-Pressure Chemicals, etc. is a local search web portal designed, developed, maintained and marketed by Nuance Digital Qatar on behalf of Ooredoo.

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Building Materials

Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar

Materials which is used for construction purposes are categorized as building materials. It includes materials such as cement, blocks, wood, steel, paints and many more materials that have been used to construct buildings. list details of more than 300 Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar

Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar
Building Materials Suppliers In Qatar

Find suppliers who supply building materials in retail and wholesale in Qatar with updated Address, Contact person, Phone number to get all your building materials at affordable price rate.

Top 10 companies who are in to building materials supply are:

Al Andalus International Building Materials Co.

Almas Building Materials & Contracting

ANT General Trading LLC

Bradma Qatar WLL

Clear Trading WLL

Doha Project Trading & Services WLL


Kuwait Insulating Material Manufaturing Co. (KIMMCO)

Mokasco Express Co.

Mount Everest Trading & Contg Co. WLL

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