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Aluminium Manufacturers, Suppliers & Fabrication Contractors in Doha

Aluminium Manufacturers, Suppliers & Fabrication Contractors in Doha, Qatar

Aluminium is a most widely used non-iron metal and considering the usage and production, it is a second largest used metal after Iron or Steel. Same as Steel and Iron, Aluminium also used largely in industrial and manufacturing sectors. Unlike Steel or Iron, Aluminium is a soft metal by default and most of the aluminium components are manufactured using its alloys. Aluminium is a good electrical and heat conductor, light weight and it also resist corrosion, hence its usage is popular in electrical industries, aerospace, packaging, automobiles, household items, utensils and furniture. In fabrication works and interior designing as well aluminium components and fixtures are predominantly used.

In Qatar, there are a huge number of traders, suppliers, building and construction companies supply Aluminium materials and other aluminium products. They are also offering services and products such as, Aluminium Ladders, Aluminium scaffolding, Aluminium towers, Frame Less Doors , Cut-outs, Sliding Doors, Grill Louvers, Interior works, Aluminium works, Scaffold Erection, Scaffold Modification, Scaffold Dismantle, Customized Fabrication, Pre-insulated Ducts, Fire Rated Ducts, Aluminium Cladding, Flanges and Corners, Duct Dampers, Access Doors, Round Ducts, Aluminium Ducting, Aluminium Doors, Aluminium Windows, Skylight, Composite Panel, Wholesale and Manufacturing of Aluminium products and many other Aluminium related supplies.

More than 100 Aluminium Traders, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services providers are listed on website, who offer various Aluminium Products and its services related to it, promising an affordable price and great customer satisfaction.


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General Contractors

General Contractors in Doha, Qatar.

General Contractors are the crucial part of most of the projects. In construction industry, maintenance projects, renovations, procurement of furniture, electronics or raw materials, electrical projects, fire safety, housekeeping, metal fabrication, surveillance systems, packing & moving or any sort of repair works, contractors are extremely important. Generally the contractors take the responsibility of assessing the project in terms of budget and manpower requirement, managing the tasks, supplying the raw materials, equipment and labours. This would certainly ease the workload of the clients, as the contractors would handle the assigned project under their supervision and
deliver the expected results. There are also contractors who supply labours and workforce for general projects like housekeeping or homecare nursing.

In Qatar, contractors are available as per the client’s requirement, who are well-versed in various projects. The contractors are professional in the following fields, Interior works, Joinery, Civil construction, Maintenance works, Renovation works, MEP works, Glass works, Aluminium works, Building maintenance, Concrete coring, Concrete cutting, Ware house construction, Villa construction, Sheet pile, Soil nailing, Driven piles, Secant Bored Pile, Diaphragm Walls, Building Management System, Building Material Supply, Electrical, Plumbing, Nursing services, Residential Cleaning, House Keeping, Deep Clean, Moving In Clean, Moving Out Clean, General Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Part Time Maids, Moving and Relocation Cleaning, Special Occasion Cleaning, Aluminium
related, Cladding, Glazing, Carpentry, General Road Contracting, Safety Equipment Installation, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishing Materials, etc.

In website, there are more than 100 General Contractors are listed who are professionals in the above mentioned fields and specialties, delivering the services as per your need.

Please find below some of the leading General Contractors listed on

Almas Building Materials & Contracting

Dutch Foundation Co.

New Tech Contracting

Omega Engineering WLL

Six Construct Qatar Ltd (WLL)

The Clean Team

Trust House Trading & Contracting Co.