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Facility Management in Doha, Qatar

Facility management is an interdisciplinary business function, which offer support services to manage and coordinate the organizations, infrastructures, manpower and projects. Facility Management is closely associated with business administrations like offices, firms, universities, shopping mall, factories, hospitals, hotels, recreation centres etc. Facilities Management companies help in improving the work life and productivity of the organizations by providing various support services, and it has become an important and essential part of the business. Facility Management company’s offerings are vast. Starting from manpower recruitment, cleaning and maintenance services to complex activities like Project Management, their support services are much in demand. Their services are not just restricted to commercial companies, they also extend their services for domestic activities like event management, catering, home nurse, cleaning services, packing and moving, household works, civil and construction related works and the list is never ending.

In Qatar, Facility Management companies offer services in the areas of Manpower Services, Human Resource Solutions, Waste Management Services, Waste Handling Equipment, Contract Staffing, Recruitment Services, Logistics, Recycling Services, Medical Waste Collection, Hazardous, Non-Hazardous, Solid, Liquid waste Management, Allied Services, Hospitality, Security, Pest Control, Air Condition Maintenance, Security Guards, Patrol services, Security Systems, Cash In Transit, Events Security, Electrical, Plumbing, Project Management, Civil Structure & MEP work, Interior Designing & Decoration, Supply of Equipment & Machine, Maintenance Management, Accommodation & Properties Services, Cleaning contractors and many other activities.

In yellowpsges.qa website, there are more than 30 Facility Management companies are listed who offer above mentioned services with affordable price and good quality.

The leading ones are the following:

G4S Qatar WLL

Omega Engineering WLL

Bojamhoor Mechanical & Electrical Co. WLL

Project & Construction Management Training & Development


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Manpower Suppliers in Doha, Qatar

Any organization or establishment requires a set of suitably qualified and experienced workforce to handle different sorts of activities and tasks. Based on the business pattern, there can be some tasks which demand the manpower on a part time or full time basis. Most of the establishments rely on the consultancies or manpower suppliers to fulfill their workforce need. It becomes very convenient to depend on the manpower suppliers as they supply the suitable candidates for the required job areas. Most of the manpower suppliers ensure that the candidates are well trained and are fit to handle the assigned tasks. This will save your precious time on the training, as the manpower suppliers assign ready-to-go candidates.

In Qatar, there are plenty of manpower suppliers offering candidates for different projects.   HR Solutions, Human Resources Development companies, Training Centres Services and Consultants, Recruitment consultants offer a range of services to match your project requirements in the following fields, Carpentry, Civil Contractors, Cleaning Contractors, Labour Supply Services, Hospitality Services, Nursing Services, Babysitters, Maid Services, Live out maids, Live-in Maids, Child Minders, Child Day Care Services, Earth Movers, Facility Management, Heavy Equipment Hire, Port-A-Cabin  Hire, Construction Fields, Project Management, Real Estate Development, Civil Structure, MEP work, Interior Designing and Decoration, Supply of Equipment and Machine, Maintenance Management, Accommodation and Properties Services, Real Estate Management, House and Office Cleaning Services, Hospitality Services, Dry cleaning And Laundry Services, Scaffolding, Plumbing, Mechanical Works, Piping, Instrumentation, Civil Works, Technicians, Web Design, SEO, Hardware and Networking, Corporate Branding, Printing, Voice and Data, Creative Designs, etc. on a part-time or full time base.

In yellowpages.qa website, there are more than 100 Manpower Suppliers are listed who offer suitable candidates in different work areas to meet your requirements.

Some of the leading Manpower Suppliers on yellowpages.qa are the following:

Middle East Development Trading and Contracting Co W.L.L – MEDCO