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Pharmacies in Doha, Qatar

Pharmacies are a vital part of the healthcare unit, who supply medicines on prescription, medical instruments, cosmetics, toiletries, medical accessories and other healthcare products. Pharmacies often work closely with the doctors and physicians who help the consumers in understanding the usage of the medications and guide the consumers with the details like usage cycle of the medicines, the strength and dosage, and all other drug related information.  At times, it helps the consumers in getting a basic medical advice while procuring the medicines or selecting the alternate brand or dosage. So, pharmacies have become the first point-of-contact for consumers with their health inquiries.

Most of the Pharmacies in Qatar deal with Medical & Lab Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Perfume & Beauty products and supplies, Medical & Hospital Equipment, Dental and dental lab equipment, Diet and supplements, Surgical equipment, Wellness products, Veterinary products and all other healthcare products.

There are a number of Pharmacies listed in the website, who are well-known in the pharmaceutical business and other medical and healthcare supplies.

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Beauty Salons in Qatar YellowPages
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Beauty Salons in Doha, Qatar

Beauty is a characteristic of a person. A well-groomed appearance always grabs the attention of many and it also adds grace and elegance to your personality. Physical attractiveness is the key in building a social status and connecting people. Your intelligence, politeness and charisma will always create a positive impression when it is presented in an attractive manner. Beauty Salons, Spas, Beauty Consultants, dietitians are boon to enhance and maintain our beauty and health in scientific, traditional and contemporary ways. Beauty Salons not only concentrate on beautifying the outer beauty, they also offer certain services which helps in keeping up the physical health and recommend best practices to enjoy a healthy life style.

In Qatar, there are many best Beauty related services are available. These centers normally be identified as Beauty Centers, Beauty Salons, Boutiques, Health Clubs & Centers, Massage Centers, Spas, Fitness And Recreational Sports Centers, offering services on Fitness and Exercise, Food and Diet, Women’s Health, Natural Remedies, Mental Health, Food & Dietary Supplements, Health & Beauty Products, Clothing, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Hair Accessories & Hair Care Products, Hairdressing, Foot Care, Hair, Nail And Skin Care Services, Hair Replacement & Transplant etc. There are centers which offer courses in Beauty, Body, Hair, Makeup and Spa, Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty Training Courses, Hair and Beauty therapy courses as well.

Pamper yourself in the best wellness and beauty centers, salons, spas and beauty parlors in Qatar. You’re bound to feel healthy and glowing whether you are a man or a woman! Experience professional wide services such as skin care haircuts & hair care, massage, nail care, waxing, facial and body treatments, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, manicures and pedicures,  body wrap, dry body brushing & scalp massage, Spray tanning, makeup, Spa facial, Hot stone massage, aromatherapy, sauna etc.

The search for Beauty Salon centers is made easy through, as there are over 200 Beauty Salons or Beauty Centers and services are listed.

Please find below some of the leading Beauty Salons in Qatar.

B Attitude Spa

Be Bloom Beauty Center & Spa

Health & Life Magazine

Life Nest Beauty

Qatar International Beauty Academy (TAJMEEL)

P.N Medical spa