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Hospitals and Clinics in Doha, Qatar

Health is the greatest wealth! Most of us believe in this statement and we always take care of our mind, body and soul by involving ourselves in different physical and recreational activities which helps us being fit and fine. Doctors and Physicians at the hospitals and clinics play an essential role in the healthcare system. The great advancements in the medical field and specializations have helped the mankind to get rid of almost all diseases and health disorders. Hospitals and clinics perform the diagnosis, provide the necessary treatment, nursing, counselling, and other medical services.

There are many hospitals and clinics providing the medical services in various fields. Following are the available services in the hospitals and clinics, Dentists & Dental Clinics, Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Outpatient Care Centres, Obstetrician, Medical Consultation for Infertility and Ultra Sound Examination, Cardio, Child Care, Dermatologists, Eye Specialists, General Surgery, Orthodontists, Paediatricians, Plastic Surgeons, Physiotherapy, ENT Clinics, etc. Veterinary clinics and veterinary medical services are also available.

The search for Hospitals or Clinics based on the medical specializations is made easy on the website as it lists more than 50 Hospitals/Clinics/Specialists in various medical fields who provide affordable and quality health care services.

The following are some of the leading Hospitals & Clinics on

Al Reem Dental Center

Dr. Khudsia Begum

Boston Medical Care

Al Aseel Veterinary Clinic

Alkharashy Dental Center

Dr. Ramesh Babus Clinic

Dr. Susan George Dental Clinic

Magrabi Center

Cedars Dental Center

Majestic Dental Center

And many more..!

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